39 PG (MD /MS) seats has been approved by MCI / Govt. of India in the Govt. Medical College, Haldwani


Radiation therapy
Radiation therapy is the use of ionizing radiation for treatment of Cancer. Approximately 60% of all cancer patients require radiation therapy as the only treatment modality or in combination with surgery and Chemotherapy. Radiotherapy plays a very important role in curing early stage cancer and in relieving symptoms, improving quality of life, and prolonging survival for cancer patients with advanced disease.

Teletherapy also known as External Beam Radiation Therapy involves delivery of therapeutic radiation from a source that is placed away from the body.

State of Art Equipment at Swami Rama Memorial Cancer Hospital

Hthumb14igh Energy Linear Accelerator Dual Photon Energy-6MV & 15MV with Electron Energy 6,9,12,15,18,21 MeV,82 Leaf Static MLC.

  • Low Energy Linear Accelerator –VARIAN DBX, 6MV Photon Energy with 80Leal Dynamic MLC
  • Somatom sensation CT-Simulator from Siemens, 40 slice per secondthumb13
    SOMATOM Sensation Open meets today’s challenges, combining the advantages of a large bore with advanced multislice CT technology. By harmonizing patient accessibility, volume coverage, and acquisition speed SOMATOM Sensation Open provides optimal care for virtually all patients.
  • CMS XiO 3Dimensional Inverse Planning System.
  • Mould Room with all modern accessories for accurate patient positioning and patient comfort during treatment.

Compensator Block cutter for compensator based IMRT and 3D Conformal block for 3DCRT.

Department is capable of delivering Following Radiotherapy Treatment.

  • Intensity modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)
  • Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy (3DCRT)
  • Conventional Radiotherapy
  • Photon ARC- Therapy
  • Electron Therapy


“Brachytherapy” involves delivery of therapeutic radiation from a radioactive source that is placed inside the human body cavities, and close to the targeted area . The radioactive source can be placed on the surface (Surface Mould), within a body cavity i.e. Intracavitary Brachytherapy (Cervix, Vagina), Intraluminal Brachytherapy (Oesophagus, Anal Canal), Endovascular Brachytherapy (within Blood Vessels), or into an organ or tissue i.e. Interstitial Brachytherapy (Breast, Soft Tissue Sarcoma).

Equipment & Machines

  • Nucletron micro-selectron High Dose Rate Machine (MHDR) with 30 channels.
  • Arcadis –orbic, 3D C-Arm X-ray machine for brachy Therapy simulation.
  • Plato 3D Inverse Plannig Treatment Planning System.
  • Well equipped Operation Theatre for Brachytherapy Procedures.
  • Different Kind of interstitial , intraluminal & Intracavitary applicators.

Brachytherapy treatment

Department is capable of delivering following brachy therapy treatment:

  • Intracavitary
  • Interstitial implant
  • Intra Luminal
  • Surface Mould

Expansion Plan
Institute is proposed for regional Cancer Centre (RCC) of Uttarakhand state.

Proposed Teaching / Training Program

  • M.D Radiotherapy (2 Years)
  • Medical Physicist (1 Year)

Proposed Departments

  • Nuclear Medicine Department with state of the art Facility.
  • SPECT gamma camera
  • PET-CXT Scan
  • Iodine Therapy