39 PG (MD /MS) seats has been approved by MCI / Govt. of India in the Govt. Medical College, Haldwani


Information on Public Welfare (Jan Kalyan) in Govt. Medical College, Haldwani

Dr. Susheela Tiwari Government Hospital, Haldwani

  • Cardiology – Endeavour for Excellence- “we care for your Heart”
  • Orthopaedics- Equipped to ensure mobility — “keeping you mobile with a smile”
  • General Medicine – “ensuring your total health & happiness”
  • General Surgery – “O.T. facilities Par Excellence”
  • Ophthalmology – The promise of sight- “from darkness to light”
  • Gynaecology & Obstetrics – “The mother and child care.”
  • Paediatrics – “Child Care at its Best-stars twinkle for tiny tots & toddlers”
  • Lab Sciences, Diagnostic Aids, Radio Diagnosis & Imaging – “Equipped for computer aided diagnosis”
  • Support Services – “Geared to run the hospital efficiently”

Cardiology: Endeavours for Excellence- “We Care For Your Heart”

Cardiovascular diseases are a major problem afflicting all age groups and sections of the society.

To the people of Uttarakhand, the Hospital provides assistance in timely detection, correct diagnosis and treatment of Cardiac diseases (Coronary Artery Disease, Congenital Heart, Rheumatic Heart, Hypertensive Diseases, Cardiomyopathies, Pericardial Diseases,rhythm disorders etc.) along with control of numerous other allied and risk-factors having significant impact on mortality and morbidity due to heart diseases.

The present facilities available with the hospital include:

  • Tread mill exercise testing for cardiac workup.
  • Computerised 12 Lead ECG .
  • 2-D Colour Doppler Echo-Cardiography.
  • Digital Holter monitoring System for study of cardiac rhythm disturbances
  • 11 bedded state-of-art ICCU with central multi para multi-modular monitoring system, facilities for 8 vital parameters, defibrillators, monitors, central oxygen, suction, etc.
  • Implantation facility of temporary pace-maker.
  • Admission for all type of cardiac patients and emergencies.

Orthopaedics: Equipped to Ensure Mobility “Keeping You Mobile With A Smile”

The hospital attends to cases relating to all types of operative procedures for complicated fractures, including Spinal surgeries.

Joint replacements of the knee and hip are also being performed successfully. Arthroscopy of the knee joint, a facility previously not available in this region has been introduced.

Apart from these, few special procedures are being carried out for certain non traumatic conditions of hand, foot, shoulder and spinal regions. The facility of a C-arm machine in the operation theatre and a well equipped physiotherapy unit has added to the overall efficiency of the unit.

General Medicine Department: “Ensuring Your Total Health & Happiness”

Apart from providing OPD facilities for all common diseases prevalent in the area the department operates specialized clinics for TB. & Chest diseases, Diabetes & Obesity.

The department provides round the clock management of complicated Hepatic, Gastrointestinal, Renal, Neurological, Endocrinal, Cand Tropical diseases, Poisonings,patients needing critical care.

Other facilities available are:

  • Nephrology: Haemodialysis facility, providing rapid controlled Ultra-Filtration Bi-carbonate and Heparin-free Dialysis
  • Gastro-Enterology- Upper & Lower G.I. Endoscopy with facility for Endoscopic Biopsy.
  • Neurology Clinic
  • Rheumatology Clinic
  • Diabetes Clinic.
  • To shortly begin EMG/ NCV/ EEG

General Surgery: “O.T. Facilities Par Excellence”

The Department of surgery is providing all facilities for general and specialized surgeries to the patients of this region. Apart from operations such as Radical surgery of Breast cancer, Stomach and Intestinal cancer, Thyroid, Parotid surgeries, some paediatric surgeries such as operations for Imperforate anus, Congenital megacolon (pull through procedures), Exomphalos major, Meningomyelocele and Urological surgeries such as Hypospadias (Asopa technique) are also being performed.

Highlights of the facilities available:

  • Ceiling mounted vertical laminarflow central air conditioning in the 0.T’s.
  • Antistatic flooring for total safety.
  • Ceiling mounted pendants for gas, vacuum & energy outlets.
  • High quality Eschmann OT tables to carry out any operative procedure.
  • Anaesthesia machine with Ventilator, Monitor and Vapouriser with temperature and pressure compensated. Oxygen failure and Nitrous oxide cut-off facility with Audio-visual alarm system for safety of patients.
  • Lithotripsy, Cystoscopy, Cholecystectomy, Laparoscopic Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

With the help of these ultra modern equipments we are able to successfully operate upon critically ill patients referred to us by other Hospitals of this area.

Ophthalmology: The Promise of Sight- “From Darkness To Light”

The department is providing modern diagnostic and therapeutic care to the patients.

  • Cataract surgery by Phacoemulsification pocedure ( Suture Less Surgery).
  • Facilities for Cornea clinicm Uvea clinic, Retina clinic & Glaucoma clinic,
  • Oculoplastic surgery
  • Squint surgery
  • Cryopaxies ( for retinal holes, intrractable Gluacoma, vernal conjuctivitis)
  • Amneotic membrane grafting for occular surface disorder.
  • Ocular emergency services.

Highlights of the facilities available:

  • Computerised auto  refractometry
  • Retinoscopy procedure for refraction.
  • Autometed permetry (Hemphery)
  •  CCTV mount slit lamp with applanation tonometry.
  • Yag Laser
  • Gonioscopy.
  • Indirect & direct opthalmoscopy.

Gynaecology & Obstetrics: “The Mother and Child Care.”

a Postgraduate department. All normal and high risk obsterical cases like- heart Diseases , Hepatic Diseases, Eclampsia, APH, IUGR, Prematurity etc are managed in the department. All the deliveries are being attended by pediatrician. All types of minor and major obstetrical and gynaecological surgery including conventional hysterectomies,Operation for urinary problems, LAVH,NDVH,TLH, Laparotomies for various disease and hysteroscopic surgery are performed in the department.

Apart from national family planning services department is providing free Obstetrical services under janani Suraksha Yojna. Department  conduct speciality clinics like- Antenatal,Postnatal, Infertility and Oncology.

Facilities for painless delivery (Epidural analgesia) are also available.

Paediatrics: “Child Care at its Best – Stars Twinkle for Tiny Tots & Toddlers”

The Department of Paediatrics is running daily out – patient clinics with recent advanced vaccination and good indoor facility, clinics for growth and development. asthma, well-baby clinic, seizure disorder, cerebral palsy with mental retardation and behavioural problem.

For high risk neonates we have a NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT. It is located in completely isolated centrally air conditioned area. It has Incubators, Radiant warmer, Pulse Oxymeter, Central Oxygen supply, Apnoea Monitor, Cardiac monitor, Double surface Blue light phototherapy unit, Capillary Tube Bilirubinometer, Infusion pumps, Ventilator and facility for exchange Transfusion.

Diagnostic Aids: “Equipped for Computer Aided Diagnosis”

Department of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging

  • Latest generation CT Scan of Siemens (Somatom AR-HPX) equipped with regular, dynamic scanning and 3-D software along with Kodak laser camera and Protec (Germany) automatic film processor.
  • MRI 1.5 Tesla  Avento (Siemens)
  • Ultrasonography – Sonoline Versa Pro Colour Doppler system (Germany) equipped with multiple probes, Sony Colour Printer (Japan) and Visiplex Multiformat camera (USA).
  • 1000 mA X-Ray machine with Image Intensifier TV. (Philips).
  • 500 mA X-Ray machine and three mobile/portable units (Siemens).
  •  Mammography.

Department of Lab Sciences

  • Apart from other routine examinations, Department of Pathology along with Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology cater to the diagnostic requirements of Haematology, Coagulation profile, Clinical Bio-chemistry and Cyto-pathology, Microbiology-Culture and sensitivity, Serological tests, Hormonal assay, TORCH, tuberculosis culture and senstivity tests etc.
  • Elisa-reader (Bio-rad) for Hormonal assays, TORCH, H.I.V, Hepatitis diagnosis, thyroid function test (T3,T4,TSH)
  • Electrolyte analyzer (AVL), Incubators, Hot air ovens, Horizontal Auto clave, Refrigerated centrifuge (Sorval)
  • Full/semi Automatic (Borringer) bio-chem analyzer

Support Services: “Geared to Run the Hospital Efficiently”

  • Central Library
  • Efficient Patient Transport services.
  • Medical records and Informatics.
  • Dietary services.
  • Fully Automatic laundry.
  • Latest sterilization and autoclaving equipments.
  • Central Gas plant with Oxygen, Nitrous and Vaccum supplies.
  • Incinerator (Thermax).
  • 2X500 KVA Generators and 120 KVA UPS System to ensure continuous electric supply.
  • Central Air Conditioning Plant of 3×60 T capacity.
  • Independent Water scheme and Electrical supply systems.